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Sanya International Shopping Center Lighting Deisgn wins Ali2015-08-13


Miyun Ecological Exhibition Hall Lighting Design2015-08-13
“Sky as scenery, green as stain, water as mirror, light as rhyme” expresses our respect for ecological environment, and attitude towards the harmony between light and nature. The exhibition hall is adjacent to the 12,000 square meters of water, and the water interspersed among the building.
Basically, Chinese painting consists of water and ink, black and white. And our architectural lighting used the Chinese painting method to create the changes and contrast of light.

Architectural Integrated lighting emphasizes the hierarchy and irregularity of light on the buildings’ roof as well as the comfort and familiarity to people.
Soft lighting shows the detail and level of the architectural: the inverted “V” shape wooden planks were arranged in turn, which is the first level of night landscape. Tilt of the eaves rafter space using the linear light wash method to express the rhythm of overhanging eaves, which is the second level. Decoration wall combined with the light to form a silhouette effect which is the third level. Plants and decoration wall as an important element in the landscape lighting using low-power lamp fixtures is the forth level.

All lamps are LEDs with power 1W as the highest power value, the power consumption of 2.9kw, power density of 2.1w / m². Intelligent control was used to control distinguish scenes, adjust lamp color, reduce daily operation expenses. The project total budget of 490,000RMB and the actual cost is 350,000RMB. 

Sun village Landscape Lighting Retrofit Design2015-05-08
Sun village locates in Tianbei Road, Shunyi district, Beijing China. The poorly equipped fixtures, dim lighting, and there are many electrical security problems. In order to create a bright and safe place for the children, we use simple and reasonable methods to retrofit the lighting environment.
The sun village consists of several temporary shelter houses and play ground, dorm, offices, roads. The road around the dormitory area adopts the garden lighting fixture, and installs the up and down light (narrow light) in the wall of dormitory entrance for functional lighting also for modification of the building façade. For other places and interior, we use the safe, high-efficiency lighting fixture to provide proper range of illumination to meet the demand of functional lighting.

Before retrofit:



After retrofit:









In this case, we use more than 80% of LED lamps with total power consumption of nearly 1500w. Compared with the previous situation, the overall brightness of the region has increased significantly. Original site illumination ranges only 1 ~ 10lx, and now the average illuminance of the road reaches to 30lx. Average illuminance of the dormitory is above 20lx. After retrofit, the total power consumption can be saved of 40%. 

Greenland 468 Project Chengdu2015-03-02
468 are developed by the world’s top 500 real estate-Greenland and is the first Skyscraper in Chengdu. The site is located in the East Village with planned area of 41 square kilometers. Chengdu 468 project functional orientation is a high-end business center, an international conference center, the center of the creative industries, Brand Mall, style commercial center, hotel clusters and high-quality residential communities and the high-end industrial clusters. ASGG did the Architectural and Panorama will do the Lighting Design of the project. 

Notification of Company Address2015-01-21
Due to the demand of company development, the company office will be moved to the new place in January 26, 2015.
The new office address as follows: 5th floor, Tower B, Hongdu Sunshine Commercial Building, 23 Xibahe Xili, Chaoyang District Beijing100028
The original company telephone number, fax and email address remains the same. 
Panorama---Spreading lighting to Sun Village Activity2014-12-21
Theme of Activity

Panorama calls for lighting fixture suppliers jointly to retrofit the interior and facade lighting of the village in November 2014. It aims to spread lighting and love to children. 

Activity Introduction-Sunvillage

As a non-profit and non-governmental organization Sun village is dedicated to the children of Chinese prisoners and convicts and fights for their survival and development.

Why we retrofit lighting design

1、   Light flagpoles are thinner than needed in yard. Some of them were broken by children.
2、   Exposed energy-saving tube and T8 lamp tube directly hung outside are  likely to  be broken.
3、   Exposed electrical lines are easy to transmit electricity without waterproof measures.
4、   Bigger Light  Power than necessary.
5、   Heavily dazzling caused by light leakage
6、   Brightness  is too weak to meet its technical needs.
7、   Lighting facility are destroyed at main zone.

Pictures follow:


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